Performance Video Of Motec ECU on BSB bike

Young BSB star Peter Hickman’s Tyco Blade as seen through the Motec ECU system during a Brands Hatch session.

The ultimate onboard footage?

the speed is madness :w00t:

do they really go tha fast?!?!:ermm:

Having been passed my Tommy Hill with his worx gsxr1000 on the same circuit, yes they do… :open_mouth:

Takes me that long to complete the Indy circuit :frowning:

Seems to be coasting round all the corners…what would Keith Code say?!

I am having a bit of confusion, because I saw rossi doing the same, but I think if you read Keith Code carefully, that is what you are supposed to do, almost.

I think you are supposed to roll off the throttle, until you lean the bike, once you have achieved the lean you need to get around the corner THEN you roll on the throttle in a slow and continuous fashion.

This came up in the thread where I asked why a guy riding a BMW S1000RR crashed and I think it is something I was doing on the road, rolling on the throttle, while continuing to increase the lean of the bike.

I don’t think it helped that it took me 5 minutes to get me bike leaned over cause the suspension was so badly set up, but gonna try and practice this technique of leaning and then rolling on next time I am out on the track.

That’s not what he’s doing though, he’s leaning THEN using engine braking and (minimal) braking round the corner, look at the throttle and brake lines when going round a corner, there is no throttle input.

It might be the lines he is using.

In that thread they showed the 3 different lines that Rossi could take. Step 2 (About 3:30 it begins)

The slow in fast out line for qualifying, which appears to be the Keith Code standard.

The fast in slow out line for overtaking/defensive racing, which is more akin to the riding in the video above.

The racing line which was a combination of them both.

I love how much the TC light goes on…you could lay some big darkies with that turned off…slow you down loads but would make a good photo.

very cool video! you can watch it over and over looking at different elements each time