Perfect Sunday

So far today i had the perfect ride into work every corner was just right and no traffic is a big sunday bonus. To top it all off though i pulled off my first wheelie and i wasn’t even trying for it:D massive grins all the way to work. Now i just have 5 hours of mess at work then home for kielbasa and beer while watching top gear and long way down.:hehe:

Good to hear you had a nice ride in Henry, take it easy on the wheelies, remember if you happen to pull one by accident again, that wheel needs to hit the ground straight, any movement could be fatal. The 5 hours of mess will fly past, you know what they say about time and fun :wink:

thanks becs! i’ve been reading and watching videos about how to do them properly and what not so i’m pretty confident about landing straight and covering the rear brake and what not. just grateful i got it in before this week of rain hits. oh i’m getting my suspension setup done tomorrow too!