perfect if still within 2 yr restricted license / wanting small cc bike

depending on what it dynos at, you might not need a restrictor kit! cheap as chips! :slight_smile:

if youre still riding under the old regs, restriction info:

Restrictions on what you can ride: Maximum of 33 b.h.p./25 kW with a power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.16kW/kg and then after two years the licence automatically matures so that you can ride any size of bike. If the bike you want does exceed 33 b.h.p./25 kW, you will need to get the engine restricted down to 33 b.h.p./25 kW. If you reach the age of 21 before your licence matures, you can lift the restriction by taking your test again on a larger machine (Accelerated Access) Minimum age: 17 Minimum test vehicle: Any motorcycle over 120cc and less than 125cc and capable of at least 62.5 m.p.h. (100 km/h). There must be certification to back this up. If you book to use one of our 125cc bikes, they all meet the minimum vehicle requirements to gain this A2 licence. Allows you to: Carry passengers, discard your L-plates and to ride on motorways.