People who should never be allowed on the roads. Part 1.

I’ve been up and down the north circular for most of the day. My list is too long to type.

My mum
She frightened the life out of me

The fat, bald **** of a minicab driver who pulled a u-turn out of a parking space without looking, indicating or even bothering to turn his lights on. Then had a go at me for being ‘impatient’ as I skidded to a halt a foot from his bumper.

Next time, I’ll just carry on through his passenger window and punch his teeth out on the way through.


Some superman **** over the bars, sounds impressive.

Do you do that often? Teach me? :laugh:

When I was a kid me and a friend spent weeks learning (or trying) to dismount a bicycle by jamming on the front brake and flipping over the handlebars.

It’s harder than it looks and learning is painful. The motorbike version would be even trickier but I’m sure it can be done on a supermoto…:Whistling:

like this

LOL how did I know it would of been a link to Lee!

?? You love him? :doze:

No, I just go to the spot too to practice some stunts but not as good obviously…

FFS! Sid you would have been fully supported if you punched the rider in the face on that one!