People who should never be allowed on the roads. Part 1.

So there I was riding home when I saw a cyclist, dressed completely in black, with no lights. Big deal, I hear you say, we’ve all seen that.

Yeah, but this one had a kid no more than 2 years old sitting in a child’s seat behind him…

Maybe it was a ghost…

Maybe it wasn’t their kid? :smiley:

People who should never be allowed on the roads. Part 1.

  1. School run mums in 4x4s that they don’t know the size of and are unable to control properly;

  2. Any ‘rudeboy’ chavved up vehicle with big bore exhaust;

  3. Buses carrying (throughout an average journey) less than 20 passengers.

Buses carrying (throughout an average journey) less than 20 passengers.

One of my pet hates too.

How about, cyclist in full safety gear, with newborn baby strapped to his chest, with no warm clothing… in winter.


Woman on A406 this morning with ‘baby on board’ sign in the back window, 10(ish) year old in the front seat, baby in the back, driver’s head buried in text/social media on her phone

Harley Davidson rider filtering at 3mph in rush hour traffic

Cars driving into London at rush hour with one person in them.

Stretched limos…gay!

Anyone who speaks on the freaking phone and playing with their facebook while driving.

people on the A13 switching lanes in rush hour without looking in their mirrors and/or signalling

cut her some slack would you. its probably the only time in the day she has the chance to do it. cars drive themselves these days, she doesnt need to look where she’s going.

Drivers pulling out at junctions trying to get the 1 car ahead advantage, no idication, no looking in mirrors just sharp sudden swerve into your lane.

Daft buggers who run red lights, 4 seconds after they have changed and wonder why you are there in the middle of the junction swearing at them.

The bloke near Kew who had his ipad mounted to the dash and was watching TV! what a **nt!

The twat this morning riding the blue BMW that decided that rather than follow me as I filtered through a gap between a bus and the traffic that it was a better idea to shoot down the inside of me and cut in front forcing me over into the traffic or hit him (luckily there was a gap)…

Next time my choice might be different, beaten up crosser versus fully faired tourer, I know which one’s going to cost more to repair…

I passed him later too, so, he didn’t get very far

White van drivers who think they own the freaking road.

Jack Kerouac

Parcel delivery van drivers are at least as bad. Like the one in Wimbledon who was so close to knocking me off my bike when I was 18 and then gave me a punch in the gob when I gave him a mouthful :w00t: Fair play to him for actually following through instead of being a gobsh1te, but then he ran back to his van, locked the door, and floored it, with me in pursuit, from Wimbledon through Mitcham before shooting a red light and losing me in Thornton Heath! I’d have probably punched me in the gob for what I said to him, but if you’re going to go to the bother of assaulting someone, at least have the decency to stand your ground instead of running away like a little girl :smiley: