people arrested last night

regarding that aircraft plot thing, the ones they arrested in london, was in a flat round corner from me in Walthamstow!!!

wondered why the choppers been around so much lately!

Wondered what was up late last night; I’m in Chingford and there were 97’s/ 257’s coming up Hall Lane towards the mount and a lot of Police buzzing down towards the dogs area…

its pretty scary stuff, i shant be gettin on a plane for a while., and not only that its embarrasing that they are all british! what the hell are we turning into?

just a suggestion Steve, Westy if your scared why dont you huddle together im sure it would comfort you both, and you could always suck your thumbs if it gets really scary

dont worry bout us si, we can look after ourselves!,

I was told this morning there was a security scare, and I resisted all day watching the news, and it worked, life continued without all the government scare bull. It’s just a real shame I work for a TV company, otherwise I could quite happily get along without watching the news. It’s all death, death, planet killing.