Penalty charge notice

I just recieved a PCN from Southark council for failing to comply with a no entry sign (100 quid or 50 if paid within 28 days)

On the day in question I remember having to deal with a diversion and ended up finding my way through the back streets of peckham, so it is perfectly possible I did go through a no entry.

Maybe I should just cough up, as it is perfectly possible I committed an offence, but the fact that my feet are down in the picture they sent with the notice suggests I am not moving, so doesn’t prove I was traveling in the wrong direction (kind of)… have I got any room to argue or should I just pay up?

On the plus side I got two good job offers today so don’t really give a **** :slight_smile:

There’s no point trying to fight cos by the time you get a substantive reply they may get to pay the full anyway £100.

I agree with chazster


3zero3, your certainly within your rights to question the notice if you feel any such doubt.

if you do decide to just pay up, don’t forget to before it doubles up.

a moving traffic offence has been committed even if your feet are on the ground. how did you get there?, in that " kind of " direction is the question. the answer is in the picture.

good luck.

Should be a number and details on the back. You CAN phone up and attend the council offices and view the cctv to see if they have caught you committing the offence all within the 14 days.

Thats what I did with my 1st Bus Lane.

If you feel that they don’t have the evidence then contest it however … it could cost you more mate.

Unlucky about the ticket and let us know what you do.

I’d just got back from the pub when I opened the letter and was a little worse for wear…I’ll go and check the road is actually one way tomorrow, but otherwise I’ll just pay up.

If in doubt, go to and post there. Someone will be able to assist one way or another, even if it is to tell you to pay up.