Penalization of Petrol Heads by the brown dictatorship

again new penaltiea

Errr…of course there is always the option of not speeding?!?

(sits back in his comfy slippers with cup of horlicks in hand and awaits the flaming…)

Cant quite picture that somehow!!!

to be honest that sounds reasonable enough to me. and ive been banned as a totter!

if you cant do the time…

and besides, i cannot believe that people do not know if someone else was driving their car at a particular time!!

I’ll take that as a compliment thanks Alice!! :smiley:

I think you’ll find that if Mr Wompabassi, whom has returned to Nigeria (or any country that DVLA can do nothing about) since the offence was driving you will rarely get a conviction.

Of course the central ticketing office has a scare tactic known as… well show us the insurance certificate to prove he was allowed to do so. And then they will use words like ‘permit to drive without insurance’.

If you really need me to explain the defences for ‘permit to drive’ in this scenario you probably deserve the points… but ok then…

You checked the driving documents being allowing our good friend who is no longer in the country, and it appeared in order. They were not your documents and you did not make a copy/take details.

Then if successful you’ll have the guilty knowledge of ‘perverting the course of justice’ or something and someone bored enough might take you to court to prove things.