Pedigree Dogs Exposed

it’s certainly tragic, we used to have a pedigree Korat cat (the missus wanted it) £350 the fugger cost me and we had to get rid of it cos it was a mental! Never again…

Personally I don’t understand the mentally behind showing them, ‘yes, my Fifi Trixibelle Bowes-Smetheringly comes from a long lineage of winners’ yeah, so what it’s still a fugging dog which licks it’s own ass and sniffs other dogs asses at the end if the day!


Some people question my choice to learn to ride a motorbike… “why take the risk?”, “You have a car, why a bike” etc, etc.In my family’s case it is a hobby. For many breeders it is just that. There is some benefit to showing in that some rare dogs breeds would have died out if not for showing.

Like I said before it’s still a fugging dog which licks it’s own ass and sniffs other dogs asses at the end of the day! Now those dancing circus dogs, there’s a skill worth showing.shando

The desire to show comes from the same desire that causes you all to compare and discuss bikes at BMM. Whenever people with a common interest get together that desire exists whether it be growing vegetables, arranging flowers, breeding fish (yes I have observed a fish show!) or restoring vintage motorcycles etc.

Looks like the public’s reaction to this is being to bite. Crufts won’t be shown on BBC next year due to the demands made on the treatment of the dogs by the BBC, the organisers couldn’t comply. Also the show’s main sponsor Pedigree withdraw as well due to the issue.

Support for the event was also withdrawn by the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA.

With the whole economics situation can Crufts Survive?

a lot off breeders are in it for money they could not give **** about the poor misses has bread english mastifs the very big and smelly but we love them.some people dont understand that they can be hard work.the two in the picture hannible and charly,one is a show dog one is not.hannibles owner could not cope with him and would have landed in a shelter.i look tried to train him but he is a nut case,so bought him in the end i love him to bits




that really is good news, i bet the kennel club are seething, lol.

One hopes so. :slight_smile:

About time the cruelty the Kennel Club cause and have caused is exposed.

Some of us have been aware of it for years and many have campaigned hard but have had to fight the establishment.

Perhaps one day we will be civilised but certainly not right now.