Pedestian Crossings - what the hell are they for?

Anyone actually seen a pedestrian use one? Three times this mornign I had to take evasive action to avoid pedestrians crossing between moving traffic within ten yards of a light controlled crossing. The other week I even saw a man dragging a toddler by the hand across the road in front of me. This sort of lemming like behavour sems to be getting worse!

I’m with you there. Most annoying. My favourite has to be the chavmums with junior in the buggy, pushing them out into the road between parked cars, 10 yards from a perfectly good crossing., I guess the logic is if the front of the buggy isn’t crushed by a speeding truck it must be safe to continue to cross.

God I’m starting to sound like an old man!

Kids and prams aside. If they’re close to a crossing, it’s not evasive action I take but …

(better not say)

I use a crossing every day near work and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve nearly been run over because someone shoots up the bus lane when the rest of the traffic has stopped. Or twats that speed up cos you look like you might actually want to cross!

As a kid I was run over on the zebra crossing by the school - with my mum standing in the middle to stop the traffic.

No wonder people run the risk - but they are stupid for doing so!

i had one idiot reverse onto a crossing to let an ambulence pass but the pillock didont see the man trying to cross makes u realy wonder wat people think!!!