Ped Feds

I have seen now coming in and out of work, especially along the old kent road Ped Feds - Police officers on mopeds.

Are they a good idea?

Lets Discuss…

Are they proper coppers or Lidl coppers (PCSOs)? Local councils have used them for years for wardens so it was only a matter of time I suppose…

A waste of manpower if they are not going to give them the resources.

Bit like giving the police cars only capable of 140mph.

Although, I do think police on bicycles can serve a purpose (can go where motorbikes can’t and are silent to sneak up on)

Apart from the salad dodgers they get riding Police Bicycles round my way…

Wheezing along like that they couldn’t sneak up on anyone…

In Tottenham the PCOS ride Vespas.

I think it’s a new kind of beat really isn’t it? Getting pc’s on the street and getting them to cover a larger area than if they were just walking. also can respond to shouts faster where required. Obviously not meant as pirsuit vehicle. yeah, not a bad idea overall.

they old bill go round on moutain bikes here-walthamstow,

and in islington they have BMW off road bikes,-f650? seen them chasing a few scooters!

Dunno to be honest. It’s good that this form of foot patrol can get somewhere quicker, but they won’t be able to chase someone easily. It’d be dangerous to chase on the ped, and if they get off, they have to run with their gear on so probably won’t be able to catch a plain runner?

Mixed blessing imo! Still, better than bicycles. Those make me laugh.

Makes sense, being able to cut through London traffic. I thought PCSO’s had all the powers of regular polis?

I had one on a ped trying to belittle me at a no right turn junction once. I’d left me indicator on from turning up the road. Are the police psychic these days? I’m not on my test m’dear.

It won’t be a “fed” on a ped. It will most likely be a local authority trafic warden or a Transport for London PCSO. No they don’t have the same powers as a police officer and I am one of those “salad dodgers” and it’s a very good way to get about and sneak up on people.

Exactly what he said. PCSO or Local Authority Hitler Traffic Warden.

He he!

Have you got a siren on the bike then?

Nah, they offered me one but I get extreme pleasure from going along the road going, “nee naw, nee naw”. Much more fun.

Do you stick a little bit of plastic to knock against the spokes for that authentic big bike sound…

Ahhhh the memories…

do you get the bill theme tune going along in your head at the same time?? :wink:

The Bill theme tune ! don’t swear at me please

Yeah yeah you love it…

It actually wasn’t a bad series way back in the day but it’s total toilet now.