Peace sells....

but who’s buying…

man your digging em out, lol

saw em at hammersmith 1988 i think, seen em at donnington too.

cracking gigs.

yes, Digging them out, but, they still sound great :smiley: Saw them in 1990 for at the Clash of the titans gig and then again earlier this year, brilliant

saw them at Gigantour 2008, as always a big Megadeth fan :cool: but really miss the old Megadeth with David, Marty and Nick :crying: and obviously Dave :stuck_out_tongue:

Was 14 when I went to that gig at Wembley !

got my head banging now:D i still got all the records and a few maiden and anthrax picture records;) got the time;) that tune just brung the memorys back:D