PCN on tower bridge

hey so I revieved a lovely letter from the city of london requesting that I donate them some money in exchange for 3 upgrades to my licence… I’m not to keen on the idea…

So this is the evidence they’ve come up with (see attatched photo) and I can’t help but think it looks like a cyclist holding a number plate up with a torch … Seriously? How the hell can this be evidence?

I’d like some advice really… It was northbound on the tower bridge at 1:30am. I was alleged to have been going 28 in a 20. In all honesty I don’t remember going over the bridge as I do so much driving around london.

Says its backed up by technical and photographic and that’s the representation of the photographic evidence

and the attached photo is where :ermm:

it shows the photo fine for me.

Michaels, your best shot would be http://forums.pepipoo.com/

Yeah I just updated it sorry. On my phone atm

Thanks, I’ve heard of that site. I’ll ho give them a shot

That looks like a car… but if you don’t think you were there, you should challenge it. On the other hand if you know it was you, then tsk tsk tsk :slight_smile:

There was another guy here (was it Joby?) who got ‘caught’ doing something naughty… Turns out someone had cloned his plate and had put it on a car that was very similar to his.

Yes that is really really poor evidence and I wouldn’t accept a ticket based on that unless I knew for sure I had done something naughty.

Not sure what the process is to appeal though but pepipoo is the place to go.

Yeah unfortunately when it gets a bit nippy sometimes I turn to my ancient shed on wheels to haul me around haha… Thanks for the advice

Tower Bridge is a 20 mph limit, if you were doing 28 mph regardless of time of day or night they’ve got you bang to rights.

Are you claiming that it is not your vehicle and/or you were not the driver at the time or that you were not speeding :ermm:

I think the hope is that he can claim there’s insufficient evidence to prove that it was him.

The photograph identifies the vehicle and places it at the scene of the alleged offence. The Law as it stands requires that he, the registered keeper, identifies the driver at the time of the alleged offence. The Courts will accept the photograph, recorded read outs from the monitoring equipment, and his own admission that the offence was committed.


hey so an update: I got offered a speed awareness course which is fine by me.

Its a bit crazy though because I did a speed awareness course back in september 2014. Meant to be a three year gap but apparently because it was a 20mph zone and my last offence was 60 on a motorway where the variable speed limit had been dropped to 50 they come under different courses.

The first offence is NSAC - National speed awareness course
and this offence is NSAC20 - for 20mph zones being trialed in certain places and London is one of them.

They also offer a specific course for tower bridge offences alone!!! You can’t say this isn’t a tax. Still, i got lucky and I certainly need to sort myself out… if only for my wallets benefit ha. :ermm:

It wasn’t me who had their plates cloned, someone woman on TV did though and the criminal element used them to avoid paying congestion charge. I have done the speed awareness course though.

The course is great but many insurers now ask you to declare it so your premium goes up even though you don’t have to take the points. It’s a good course though and worth while.

As far as I’m aware tower bridge has average cameras and the 20 limit is enforced all the time.

Insurance companies trying to make more money… As usual!

They charge people caught speeding more than people with a clean record. Shocking behaviour!

So because you have a clean record you’ve never speeded in your life? 20mph all around central? 70mph all along the motorway?

With all due respect my first offence I was doing 60 on a motorway as it was late at night and empty… I actualy thought the signs were broken.

And the tower bridge I was doing 28 at half 1. It hardly makes me guy Martin speeding down the
Embankment. Hence why I was offered the course rather than points.

Is it not the case that the 20mph speed limit set on Tower Bridge is there to protect the fabric of the bridge? You can let us know for sure once you’ve completed your Tower Bridge specific speed awareness course, you vandal you.

They were pretty hot on the temporary speed limit set on the M25 during the widening of the Holmsdale Tunnel, 40 mph temporary speed limits set 24/7 to protect the 24/7 workforce! Time of day or night doesn’t come into it.

Pot kettle didgeridoo dah wotsit…