PCN nazis

Be warned: I’ve just got a parking ticket on the road that runs past Festival Hall. I parked in what I thought was a bike bay, but couldn’t see where the bay was delineated, as there was ankle-deep water covering the lines. As there was a sign on a post which said “motorcycles only”, I assumed it was either in the bay or at least demarcated the end of the bay.

Apparently I was wrong… So watch it when parking in what you think are bike bays round there because there are a lot of parking nazis around.


You did take photos, didn’t you…

Thought not. With them, you’d be fine. Without you are stuffed. However, do ask for the parking nazi’s photos, you might be lucky and he was meant to take some and didn’t.

And even if he did there’s a chance the lines were obscured anyway…

Nope, I took pics on my phone as I didn’t have my camera with me.

I went back this morning and it’s still covered in water. In the daylight, you can just about see the lines, but the paint’s really worn. At night, you wouldn’t have had a hope in hell, particularly when it’s covered in water and parked on by a ped.

Added to that, the sign saying “motorcycles only” is definitely outside the end of the bay, which is cheeky as… I think anyone would be justified in assuming it marked the bay out, rather than sat outside it.

Then you should contest this ticket and submit your pictures as evidence. If the line should be clear. The residual water is the result of poorly maintained drainage - the job of the council I think…


Just saw this!! this sucks!! (another reason to hate the weather!)

As MacP says you should be able to get the ticket dropped (i hope0

What do you mean “Nope” ? you did! therefore fight this, you have an excellent case as MACP said, Just a shame you get the hassle, but the elation in the end when you win!

Good luck getting this dropped. It seems to me that you have a very good case if the lines were obscured by water - which was presumably muddy from people riding through it!

Ha ha ha, Traffice wardens are icks aint they?

Nice day had a an off on Friday and whilst he was in the ambulance on the side of the road talking to the police a traffic warden stuck a ticket on the battered leaking sorry for its self bike in the middle of the road! lol Ha ha ha ha feckin idiot.

I watched, with about 20 other peds, in amazement as two nazi’s slapped a ticket on a Securicor (or whatever it was) van delivering cash to the bank at the bottom of Sutton High St. OK it’s a pedestrian precinct, but do they seriously think the blokes are going to walk a couple of hundred yards from the car park up the road with squillions of quids in a bag - in Slutton???

They were trying to take a picture of the driver who kept putting his hand up to block their view and were getting quite upset about it.

They decided to go in search of other prey when the crowd started getting a bit vocal.

Bloody twats!

Did you mean to say “Slutton”? It is just so appropriate!

Isn’t nazi offensive to Jews and germans?

I believe the correct term is attendant.


Here’s is the PCN NAzi solution:

I would say 99% have mobile phones with a camera on them right…

The second you park up somewhere you believe to be legal, photograph your bike, its position, the signs you are basing this judgement on and most importantly, the licence plates of the bikes next to you.

That will provide two things…1 justifiable evidence to establish doubt about the space should you be penalised by one such PCN Nazi and 2 the details of the bike next to you should you come back and find you farings scraped or damaged, or even lying on their sides.

Doesn’t cost you anything except 30 seconds at 200k of your phone memory.

Toby, I hear ya, and it’s a sensible suggestion but it’s still a pain in the bum to have to do every time you park somewhere, particularly as parking wardens get paid per ticket they issue. Kinda stinks, if you ask me.

Anyhow, I wrote a nice long letter to Lambeth Parking Services about it, politely requesting that they drop the charge and cancel the penalty fine, or supply me with all the evidence they have. We’ll see what gives.

Katana, you’re an oddball, dude. Look the phrase “figure of speech” up and chill out whilst you’re at it. Alternatively, go and troll another forum where people are more concerned with etymology.

So Nazi is not rude and offensive?

Oh and not trolling. If i was trolling it be Did he have a nice cut suit? with a nice hat and one hand in the air? Humming Deusche uber alles?

is it me or are all wardens african?

Watch it, or our resident Mr PC will be on your case for branding people and bandying evil generalisations about.

Jebus. People may as well not just say anything these days… it seems to be the path of least resistance. Everything’s offensive to someone or another. It’s boring and irritating.

As far as “it” being offensive, I think you’ll find that was the point.

Well they aren’t paid by the ticket but they lose their jobs if they don’t meet regular targets per shift, which obviously shows the motivation behind it - being employed by private firms like NCP no surprises that profiteering is the name of the game.
The last thing I’d do personally is consider paying any ticket, the way they process and force these things out wherever they can means there’s a wide margin for mistakes both by the warden and admin who process them. I’ve had about 6 so far from Westminster this year, neither of them legally issued and haven’t had to pay one of them they’re that sloppy.
Always appeal, don’t be fobbed off by the council (their usual tactic is to ignore what you say) as if you have a point the adjudicators will listen on appeal to them. If they’re just being plain awkward as they sound like they are (lines not clearly marked, not visible - not your fault) chances are the adjudicators will cancel it.
They expect people to just pay up so they think they can get away with sloppy tickets that should never have been issued, something like 80 per cent of appeals to the adjudicator for Westminster council result in cancelled tickets.
Paying them just encourages them, make things awkward by appealing and it makes them think twice…

Cheers for clearing up the salary system thingamie, cmb. I wasn’t clear on the details but remember someone telling me there was some kinda incestive for them to issue loads of tix.

I only sent my appeal letter in a couple of days ago but I’m curious to see what’ll come back.