PC thoughts of the day

Never really took to all this Political Correctness that seems to have sprung up all around us from nowhere.

I still sing, if you can call it singing, Ba Ba Black Sheep to/with the Grandchildren and a man hole cover will never be anything else in my mind.

Moving on

‘Accident Black Spots’

What happened to those, have they all been reinvented as ‘Speed Camera Locations’ or have any survived under another PC tag :ermm:

I don’t think we call them accidents anymore as that makes them sound unpreventable and no-ones fault, which of course many are. Think they are now collisions.

Go and look up new speak dictionary

@ lukebolger - not a fruitful search

@ CurlyAlly - You’ve been on too many training courses :wink: What of RTA’s do they become RTC’s or does that confuse them with Real Time Clocks? Is there such a thing as Artificial Time Clocks or is that acronym reserved for Air Traffic Control. Struth if we’re not more careful an eco warrior cyclist will come a cropper undertaking white van man in the High Street and just before the planes start dropping out the skies over Hounslow its 6am and Sonny & Cher will be giving it large with all that ‘I got you babe’ on the radio and the next thing we know an eco warrior cyclist is thinking can I get through there :ermm:

“Political correctness” is largely self-imposed.

This term ‘political correctness’ gets bandied about so much and is applied to so many different subjects/things that’s it’s become hard to pin down what the phrase actually means - it gets used so much and in so many different situations that for me it has become meaningless as a description of anything.

This is a genuine question - what is political correctness?

Can anyone say what they think political correctness is? - with the proviso that they give their definition/understanding off the top of their head without googling it or doing any internet research - as I think it would be more interesting and useful to hear what people actually think rather than some second hand opinion or definition.

great question.

Political correctness is the process of sanitising everyday speech and general communication in order that it convey no offense to anyone whatsoever, however tenuous that link to offence may be.

Political Correctness :ermm:

To phrase something in such a manner that it would offend none of the people none of the time, although some would find the restriction that that imposes on free speech to be offensive. Perhaps its just a 21st century ‘catch 22’

I shall be happy never to hear those words often quoted, “We shall learns lessons from this, it will never happen again”.

Until the next time!