Pazzo short levers - london stockists?

Anyone know or can reccomend anywhere in london(ish) area that keeps the short Pazzo levers in various colours in stock for a ducati?cheers

phone alex at rex judds clothing he will do you a good deal 0208 328 7659 tell him i told you to phone

This is where i got mine from, I think Yslart did too :slight_smile:


Can anyone comment on the prices involved??? :wink:

Was looking at ordering from MotoMummy in the states, cheaper than anywhere in UK even with the shipping…


Hein Gericke do them to.

I think usual price is around £130 for the pair. With our 15%LB discount at Rex Judds, you’re looking at about £110.

I’ve ordered some from MotoMummy last week, should be turning up any day now :slight_smile:

thats a pretty good price to be fair.

Hey there OsKool…

Did your levers arrive from motomummy? I’ve just ordered a pair and was wondering how long I should expect to wait.

gonna sound like a bimbo here but what are the advantages of these? :doze::Whistling:

Doh - They look really good!

Seriously though, they’re fully adjustable, the shorter ones are good for 2/3 finger braking and are much less likely to snap in a spill. Oh, and they look good too :smiley:

well if they look good then im all for that, mine are like mini wings lol:D

did you have to pay import tax on them or did theymark it as a gift?? they are really cheap on there $160 for the pair :cool:

Just ordered a set for the R1, Price was £96 including shipping, estimated arrival 6 days

I have my ones on the way aswell.
Paid £85. Shouldn’t pay import tax as recieved today HID lights and didn’t have to pay anything and value was higher:D

Got mine from Hein Gerick £110

Cor, i saved myself a whopping £14, better get and book my round the world trip with the savings:w00t:

tell me about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Had my payment refunded from motomummy as they can’t ship to the UK, something to do with a dealer agreement, so i’ve ordered some CRG levers from a company in the states that delivery to the UK