Pazzo look a like levers

Hi All,

Just thought i share my experience!

Basically, I was looking for some cheap levers to replace my well worn set on the Ninja trackbike. So, after a lot of surfing on fleebay I purchased some adjustable levers (Pazzo look a likes).:slight_smile:

Taking my chances as they are from China I thought I might end up with 2 table spoons welded on a hinge, but to my surprise they look like the real deal.:smiley:

They came well packed/protected in a box with each lever wrapped in bubble wrap.:wink:

I have a set of original Pazzo’s on the R6 and they look identical, from the grain off the surface to the thumb adjusters.:smiley:

Adjusters are smooth although one is slightly smoother than the other, but that just me being fussy 

Fitting was as easy as the Pazzo’s and they feel just the same.

I purchased the shorties and here is a few pics.:wink:

Can’t fault it for £38.88 :cool:


loads of guys from hornets nest have bought these and are also v happy with them

+1, got them on the Ninja, why pay 4x as much for the same product?

Ebay store here:

Probably find they’re made in the same factory, just sans name stamp!:wink:

The levers are in fact called Titax, we are a supplier of them, and we do very well with them, its what i have on my speed triple, i really like them:)

If not, it’s remarkable how the machining marks are in EXACTLY the same place as the Pazzos…

was looking at these and wondered whether they would be any good or just bend first time used in anger, last thing you want is them giving up in an emergency, do they have a good solid feel about them ? :slight_smile:

Find some Pazzos, give them a squeeze, and you’ll have your answer :wink:

I’ve bought a pair of v-trec from Germany, nice and still not as pricey as Pazzos.


Feel the same as my Pazzo’s, not much in it apart from the name printed on the inside of the lever, but that ain’t worth £80 odd quid :smiley:

i wonder if i can order some and get ‘humus’ and ‘pitta bread’ machined on each lever (a la jorge) :hehe:

They be worth an extra £100:D

According to their respective websites, Pazzo their levers are made in the US & Titax are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

At the risk of being nagged at for dragging up an old post :hehe: :

Each to their own, but personally I’ll stick to original or known quality replacement brake bits.

Titax aren’t the alternative ones we were (originally) talking about.

I’d be VERY surprised if Pazzos are actually made in Canada, although that would be one of the few legit reasons to charge 4x the amount as production costs there would be mental.

One day I’ll try grabbing my lever as hard as I can and let you guys know if it snaps off! :smiley:

Pazzo are definitely made in that Canadia, and they do use US/Canadian materials, rather than import from other countries.
Having said that, the ones from china are fine quality - I’ve seen them, and know of lots of people using them with no problems.They are CNC machined rather than cast, so porosity won’t be a problem from poor casting techniques / poor quality material.
I’ll probably buy a set at some point over the winter - they can’t be worse than the cheapo cast levers that come as OE…

Just bought some for the 'blade, will update when they arrive in a month or so :slight_smile:

Raquib has a set on his r6 that i fitted last week. They looked pretty good but you could clearly see the differences when put
Next to a pazzo lever.

I only question the adjuster which looks the weak link other than that I was impressed with them.

Time will tell how they hold up

Just a crazy thought… could an insurance company legally refuse a claim because of aftermarket brake levers??

I think its one of those borderline questions, if you tell them you added them on, then i can’t see why they won’t pay up.

But i know someone who had added on after market levers, wrote the bike off, they came to inspect the bike and didn’t say anything.