Pazzo, CRG levers and Gilles rearsets

Hi people I’ve already asked about CRG levers but anyone know a decent place to get either Pazzo or CRG levers and Gilles rearsets?

Need both to finish my bike off, looks a bit naff with the stock stuff!

Or if anybody knows anyone selling any? black would be ideal. Thanks.



either youve recently had a dyno sesh! or there some serious chicken strips boyo.:stuck_out_tongue:
just kiddin! alway go ebay mate or Deamon Tweeks or M&P.

very funny :stuck_out_tongue: the tyres are about 30 minutes old, they’ve still got the little hedgehog spikes on the front (all scrubbed in now though)

Thanks for the advice tried some but will try the rest.

Fletch join up…

theres always loads of bits for sale, group buys bla bal :slight_smile:

I can get these in for you!!

keep that beauty locked up mate, that will attract alot of attention

Wheels look a bit orange

yeah the orange is the same orange as the ‘R’ in the GSX-R decal on the side fairing, different but I like it. Doesn’t come out too good in the pics looks OK in the flesh. I think the levers and rearsets will set it off… in black obviously.

just picked up short pazzo levers, gilles rear sets and goodridge braided hoses from a stand at the motogp all for €250.

failing that there’s always flea-bay

wow thats a real bargain, all new? do they sell on the tinterweb or is it just at the GP?



all newthey had the levers and hoses in stock but i’m waiting on the rearsets.should be dispatched this week :smiley:

got mine from cmcbikes ,(levers)and rear sets bloody expensive compared to the above :Wow: but mine is a k6 so may be more anyway

was just going to get the std ones anodized but after comments thought better of it