paypal problem

hi guys!
well I totally blew it today…

I sold an item on ebay, received the payment and went to the post office and posted it today. When I got home I tried to change the status of the item and say it’s been posted but I somehow managed to press the wrong button. Instead of selecting the post and track code i selected “issue refund”. It was right in the middle…donno how the hell this happened. I tried to stop the page from loading but it was too late.
So now it says: package posted/issue refund

I have not confirmed this! it needs 3 more steps to confirm but i’m afraid that paypal is going to withdraw the money at some point or mess with my account.

what about ebay? is my ebay account in any danger?

I’m a natural born worrier and my heart aches already, what the heck should I do about this? it’s not a big sum of money, a total of 37…but…still dont wanna lose…

so …contact paypal?

the guy who bought the item knows already, I asked him not to click on any refund issue bullcrap button no matter what it says…he seems like a nice person.


You have to go through at least 2 more steps to issue a refund, don’t worry about it…

are you sure?(sorry i am totally paranoid)
i’ve read on forums that people often make this mistake and get into all sorts of problems because of it.
it wont let me just cancel…

if i write a 0,00 refund will it disappear? how do i get rid of it?
did the other guy receive anything because of it?

hang on, I’ll buy my ‘test’ item under a different paypal account and go into the backend to check now…

Ok here’s what I got…

Someone buys something, you ‘accidentally’ click ‘issue refund’ rather than ‘mark as sent’
It goes to another screen asking how much you want to refund, you click cancel
It goes back to account summary screen, nothing has changed.

In summary, click cancel and nothing will happen.

that;s the thing, it think it doesn’t let me cancel
i clicked cancel and when i go back to see the status of the item still has this issue refund problem.

i click issue refund it sais to type the amount of money and select cancel or continue…

and continue appears as yellow button and cancel as gray…clicked on cancel…
i never went past this point

Just checked again, in case it was different after you had clicked posted, it isn’t - you go to the screen where it asks you to type the amount to refund, you click cancel, it goes back to main screen and all is well…

figured it out

well i posted other items without tracking and it shows the same thing: posted, issue refund
so it doesn’t mean i have an issue refund it means i have paranoia issue…


Link below is very helpful…Please watch :hehe:

Moto-king (11/04/2011)

Link below is very helpful…Please watch[/quote]:D:laugh::hehe:

thanks Alex for all your trouble

this was my first selling…

No problem, I’ve been doing it a while so have learnt what to and not to panic about!

Glad to be of help…