Payment for Biker who knocked OAP down!!

Think this could be useful to Jay. Mate, make sure you read this. Could be handy knowledge in view of your recent tumble!


Thanks Richard.

Last we heard from the inspector, was that the woman was making a recovery, which was a huge relief to hear. I don’t how she’s going to deal with her stupid mistake, but I think it’s time for me to stop worrying about how she is, and to ask who’s going to pay for my damages and experiences. I don’t want any big amount, just enough to cover what Foxy and I have been through, this has caused us considerable distress and other problems, not to mention several thousand pounds worth of damage to my bike.

We’re still waiting for the outcome of the Police investigation. Could be months yet, sigh.

Looks like that one took 7+ years to sort out.
I hope yours will be a lot quicker. Good luck with it, how long before your bike is back OTR?

What a sensible judge.

Best of luck with your stuff Jay.

Tomorrow, hopefully, C. Thanks for asking! Seven years, jesus.