Paying Westminster Parking Bays


Quick question about paying the freaking parking fees to park the bikes in Westminster.

I used to do it via the ParkRight App, and pay 3 months at once, now I can’t longer do it (WHY??), I can pay Max 7 days, which is more expensive off course. Now there seems to be this other app called RingGo, which is crap, but it does not give me the option either.


Go online and pay for the whole year. That’s what I do. £100. I think they changed the operator and that’s why the old app doesn’t work anymore. I used to forget to pay on the odd occasion and got hit with the £60 fine so it made sense for me to just pay for the year.

Just tried it online. Do it through your PC, or a browser on your mobile:

RingGo is a terrible terrible system, and is horribly flaky too.

I agree, it’s a massive piece of sh i t

I just use Ring Go website. It allows to choose anything from 1day up to 1 year.

Their App sucks though.