Paying for Parking?

I wrote to the Mayor of London to see what proposals he had for Motorbikes:

Dear Sirs

I have received some news that London Boroughs will be charging for motorcycle parking. Please could confirm this and explain what the mayor has planned for motorcycle users? Will motorcycles come under the Congestion Charging bracket?

I see that there is no mention of any motorcycle issues under your link of

I would be grateful to hear from you.

Many thanks in anticipation.

I got a reply saying:

Dear Ms Jones

Thank you for your email, addressed to the Mayor, regarding motorcycle parking in London.

The responsibility for almost all motorcycle parking is that of the individual boroughs who own and manage local roads.

The London boroughs determine their own parking policies and are responsible for enforcing them. The Mayor of London has encouraged the London Boroughs to review the provision of Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) parking in their areas but it is for individual boroughs to determine numbers, locations, fees and policies.

There are a few motorcycle bays on the Transport for London Road Network (the red routes) but generally these main roads are kept clear of parking and given to moving traffic with some loading/unloading bays.

Further information about parking areas in London as a whole can be obtained from the Borough Parking Manager at London Councils. For contact your can email [email protected]. Alternatively, you may write to them at 59 ½ Southwark Street, London, SE1 0AL.

You may also find the following website

Owners of PTWs that are less than 1 metre in width at the widest part (excluding wing mirrors) and less than 2 metres in length will be eligible for 100% discount on congestion charging subject to their vehicles being registered and authorised by Transport for London (TfL). For further information, please visit our website at

Whilst the Mayor has not included motorcycles in his transport strategy, boroughs are encouraged to refer to the Government’s Motorcycling Strategy. In addition, we have recently appointed Tom Duckham as head of Motorcycling. Tom will be looking to develop a motorcycling policy for London that will complement the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

Thank you again for your email. Please contact me if you require any further assistance.

Yours sincerely

Dominic Gibbins
Customer Service Advisor
Surface Transport Communications
Transport Communications

Useful, thanks for posting

While borough councils are responsible for their own parking policies etc, they still have to submit proposals to parliament if they want to change anything. If parliament rejects their proposals, then they can’t be implemented.

This applies to the proposal to charge motorcycles for parking and that is why it is essential that you do sign the national petition that is addressed to the Government. The link is below.