At least three people including myself have now had our debit/credit cards cloned at the Shell petrol station in Letchworth (just as you come off the A1, on the longabout) - we have all had money withdrawn from our accounts by fraudsters in Australia.

Maybe worth avoiding these pay at the pump systems as they are probably much easier for the fraudsters to mess with and install card cloning equipment on.

I’ve been done as well and so have a few of my friends in the area. I’m inclined to believe the common link is that station too.

Bandit Bird, if you’ve use that station to fill up, regardless of the pay at pump facility working or not
(after all, it’s been up and down more times than a fiddler’s elbow), it might be worth checking your card statements today. I’d even suggest you change your PIN asap as well. It wouldn’t hurt to cover yourself.

Did anyone check these pumps after that?

Woah! Thats bad! :angry: Have you got recompense from the station?

We’re just starting to trust the stations in Surrey after the b’st’rds were operating round there!

Well as far as I’m concerned everything has been handled very well by my card issuer. They’ve returned all the money without question. I’ve only got one extra transaction to query which appeared after they stopped the card.

I’m going to ring Shell’s PR department and see what they have to say but my bank have said they will refund the cash already taken and blocked another 4 or 5 attempts yesterday. I won’t be out of pocket, the bank were very good about it.

its not just your petrol station it is all of them that you have to be cafeful of, it is the most common place to get your card done, we have had it done a few times at different garages.

May i ask what bank your with? i had this happen to me at our local texaco garage and my bank NW* tried to get funny about it, they eventually put all funds back into my account when it was uncovered that the particular petrol station was the centre of massive fraud ring and was shut down for a week, all the staff were arrested and turns out the manager was the ringleader!:angry: THIEVING SCUM.

Is that the texaco garage at blackshots roundabout? I read about that in the paper.Thievin g!ts.

Yep thats the one! its the nearest garage to me i always make sure i have cash on me now never ever use cards in petrol stations! my dosh was knicked by someone in india then the second lot they took was somewhere in oz it’s certainly a shock to find out £2,450 has gone from your account:pinch:

Use cash - no nasty surprises that way. Never had my card done so far, never use it for petrol.

Yep, I got done for £3,000 after paying by credit card at the BP on the Westbound A4, just after the Hammersmith Flyover.

Got all my money back, including interest, eventually (6 months!) and now only ever use cash at petrol stations.


Not had that myself, but will try to use cash from now on me thinks

sorry to hear this, this is teh prob with debit/credit cards, it can happen anywhere.

cash everytime for me.

I had my debit cloned once long time back not sure where was cloned but they toke out about 1700 out and it took nearly 6 months to sort out was not happy!

Tesco Pay-at-Pump used not to ask for a PIN (and some still don’t) but the Twickenham one now does. I use Sunbury instead where they still don’t need a PIN.

Chip’n’PIN is a rip-off, it takes the risk off the retailer/bank and puts it squarely on the innocent card user. :frowning:

I wonder how does it actually work to clone a card and PIN? Do they have to slot something into the card reader or they plug a laptop to it and download a virus or sth. Black magic to me.

My mate had his cloned, and the day after his bank called him and asked him how much did he spend in India, where he’s never been…

Basic rule with chip’n’PIN, never let your card out of your own hands. Any establishment who requires that can be told to ****-off. Do beware of ATMs which seem ‘dodgy’, like the card not sliding in freely etc.

Best to have a separate card account just for Chip’n’PIN transactions, which has a very limited Limit. A RRPITA, agreed, but perhaps a necessary precaution.

include the Texaco on the A13, londonbound in Barking just before the ship and shovel on this list too.

theiving scrotes!!

remember those billboards advertising Maestro last year?

New Cash FFS :angry: