Password/ Icarus

Password change, for some reason I am not receiving e.mail to confirm change of password?
Perhaps Jay can help with this problem!

Looking into it now :slight_smile:

Hang on, you have two accounts? We’d rather people only had one account to avoid confusion. Would you like to merge them?

Jay,I have one for Colin Thorne/ for Icarus due to being unable to log on with latter.
Would you kindly delete the former this leaving me log on as Icarus.
Many Thanks. Icarus.

Okay thanks for the clarification.

You’ve got a load of posts against this @icarus account, so we’ll merge that into your Icarus one.

The email address on the Icarus account points to a different email address, so I’ll fix that as well, which will fix password reset for you.

All done. Accounts merged, you can do a password reset for icarus now :slight_smile:

Thanks jay, Icarus.

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