Passing the theory test is always good

Well I’ve managed to get this out of the way ready for my car test not bad I got 48/50 and 62/75.

I didn’t bother revise as most of it had stuck in from 3 years ago just a quick mock test last night and a pass today :slight_smile:

is there anything on brake distances?

Their wasn’t on that test but I did get asked what is the percentage of pollution in London caused by cars is :s

only 62/75 on the hazard perception? you’d think riding round london would have given you a higher score :stuck_out_tongue:

Dropping the standards these days, let anyone pass! :smiley:

It’s a stupid test I saw every hazard a mile off but you can’t click it then you have to time it just right to when you would have to slow down or move direction.

It’s lame as you don’t no where the person who created it had clicked so it’s a pretty good pass for a useless test.

a pass is a pass, regardless of score, well done (although my pupils normally score higher) :w00t: :D:D:w00t::w00t: just joking with you, when are you gonna be ready for practical test?

Just double click when the ‘perceived’ hazard is going to cause you to change speed and/or direction.

The double click is CYA in case you have clicked a bit too soon.

I’m gonna look online tonight don’t care which test centre the sooner the better really that way whoever is teaching me won’t have the option of stringing my lessons out as there will be a set date.

I did this, and no ‘schools’ would take me out knowing my test was two weeks time. Managed to get some independant guy to do me 3 lessons and passed first time :slight_smile: It’s a piece of pi55, just be super homo and hardly move, indicate way more than is neccesary and they love it.

shame if you’ve had that experience before, but i dont string people’s lessons out, i will however not lend my car unless i’m happy with someone’s standard, as the examiners have been known to not stop the car before damage has been done. We are risking our cars when we let them go on test.

if you need any advice as to what the examiner is actually looking for then feel free to pm me, its obviously a bit harder than the bike test as the examiner is sitting next to you rather than on his own bike :slight_smile: And you are no longer the ‘vulnerable’ road user, more so the one who can do the damage.

Well done, onwards and upwards