Passing on the good karma

Hello LBers,

After the tremendous help I’ve received from the LB community to get back on my feet, I’ve decided to pass the good karma on and help out a friend of mine who’s in a bit of trouble.

Basically, the fella, who’s been my friend for 5 years, is Indian, living in London and just wrapping up his Ph.D. in architecture. Unfortunately, his visa for the UK is running out and it costs a whopping 300 pound application fee to file for an extension.

Since I’m quite sorted these days, I bought him lunch, threw down the 300 quid for him and also sorted him with a letter for the Home Office attesting to the fact he’s a Top Geezer and a great asset to the society of this Great Country, and I’ll be happy to bail him out of financial trouble should it occur, along with employer reference/bank statements etc. to back it up.

Yes, it’s a mad mad world and we need to help each other out, and it was about time I passed on the good luck I had thanks to the great people on this forum. It’s been an inspiration to me bigtime.

  • Stefan

that was very nice of you

Great stuff Stefan

Good job, Stefan.

Nice one…a friend in need is a friend indeed

good stuff Stefan.