Cheers for the comments guys!!

I think yellow looks awesome and this model of the hornet is gorgeous with that big exhaust sticking up alongside the seat!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!! I dont get the bike for few more days yet…just need to sort out the paperwork and money etc. Literally bouncing off the walls with excitement!!

I did the test up in Pinner which is quite a nice place to do it. I got two minor marks…one for speeding (thought I was in a 40 zone…oops) and one for “meeting” which basically means I overtook a stationary learner because he was stationary for AGGGES…!! The first 5 mins of the test were so so stressful (examiner SHOUTING at me when I pulled over and telling me to get a move on at a junction) Thought I’d failed big time but managed to redeem myself with an otherwise near-perfect ride.

Apparently a lot of people say they couldnt hear the instruction properly but in some instances I genuinely couldnt hear him properly…(which was the cause of his initial shouting as I interpreted “hold on” to be “move on”). I had to sit 10 metres or so away from a junction and had him give the instruction 3 times before I couldnt determine whether he was saying left or right!!!

Anyway…it’s over now and I’m very very happy!

P.S. I did my training at Off the Kerb and will do a seperate PRAISE article for them.

Congrats fella, hope you weren’t at Pinner around school kicking out time, gets a little hectic :cool:

Welcome to the we-know-why-dogs-stick-their-heads-out-the-window club :smiley:

Well Done ! :slight_smile:

Yep…did my test at 2.40ish and left the test centre with a guy in front of me doing his car test…he got me the minor mark by sitting there like a lemon for 15 minutes so I overtook him… oops! But yeah it was pretty manic!!!

Well done! You certainly picked a nice day for it, too.

It might not be fast, or exotic, but that ride back to the school as it sinks in is one of the best you’ll ever have… :slight_smile: