Hey all

Just done my part 2 this afternoon and passed!! L plates have been chucked and a deposit put down on a bright yellow Honda Hornet 600 cc!

I’ll be checking out the ride outs section now…

See you soon!!


congrats mate enjoy :w00t:

congrats and enjoy


Nice one! :slight_smile:

well done!

and a great first bike, enjoy!:smiley:

Congratulations :smiley:

Wahey, congratulations! :smiley:

Congramptulations! Cracking nice colour too!

congrats mate look forward to you joining a rideout :smiley:

Welcome to the world of “proper” motorcycling! Always keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up :smiley:

welcome to the club

Well done you! Why yellow though, everyone knows black is faster?

Congrats m8.

Ride Safe and we’ll hopefully see you out and about! :smiley:

Great nes, well done.

Well done, many congrats

Nice one mate. Where did you do your test?

Well done indeed! Another one joins the biking massive! :slight_smile:

Because yellow is the new black :smiley:

Well done and congrats on your nice new bike, enjoy and be safe :slight_smile:

Congratulations :slight_smile: