Congrats, well done - enjoy:D:D

Good to know.

I’m itching to ride right now.

Well done mate, nice one !
You’ll enjoy the bandit :wink:

well done mate, Dave is a legend I passed with him and I know of at least 3 other people on here who did

Yeah, I’d recommend him to anyone.

one of my mates used him, and she cant ride for cr-ap, she passed with him first time, one minor only,
so well worth his salt

Well done! Now you can spend the weekend trying to get some test rides. Weather should be good for it, on Sat at least.

Top news! Well done mate! :smiley:

Congratulations chap

Enjoy the freedom

Take care out there

Well done mate.

congrats on passing, onwards and upwards now the worlds ya own racetrack :smiley:

(mind the gatsos) :w00t:

Congrats :smiley: