So excited that I passed this morning.

Have my eye on an old Bandit now, no more thrashing the engine on the 125.

If you’re looking for a really good instructor get in touch with Dave: DG Rider Training. 07930 367449. He’s in the Orpington area but well worth travelling to use him. He’s an excellent teacher, realistic with it and a real nice bloke to get on with. A proper biker bloke.

congrats dude!!!

go easy on teh bigger bike, get used to it!

Well done mate. Now enjoy the dry weather while it lasts.

Congratulations! Great feeling only bettered by the feeling you get when you ride off on your new ‘big’ bike

Well done fella:)

Now the real learning begins;)

yay well done… bet ur so happy :smiley:

be careful out there now…x


A good time to learn on your own. If you can get through the winter months, nothing can stop you! :slight_smile:

Well done

Well done :smiley: … A lovely morning out there too :cool:

Well done…many congrats.

A drink at the Ace later to celebrate?

well done dude :wink: take it easy out there - lots of prats about!

Thanks folks.

Can’t wait to get up the ace or BM as soon as possible on a big bike.

Congrats, mate - you can’t go wrong with an old bandit (6 ?) and if you want a bit more go you can always pop an oil cooled gixxer 750 mill in it :wink:

Well done. Good going on passing on such a beautiful day too. The bandit will feel like a rocket ship compared to the 125. Enjoy riding and beware cold tyres/roads! :smiley:

Congrats mate!!!

Well done!!!

It is a 600. R reg with less than 19000 on the clock so not too bad. It’s burnt orange but needs some spraying which I can do myself.

well done chap! welcome to the wonderful world of bikes! :smiley:

Well done! :smiley:

A great day for it, too…

weldone fella

Congratulatios!! It’s just one of the best feelings . . . get out there before the weather freezes!