Passed my test, now I need some advice.


I passed my test and now I want to get on the road. However I am not too sure what to get. I know what I want but I am open to words of wisdom. Basically I got my heart set on getting a sportsbike. I have my eye on a gsxr 600. I have some experience of the road I used to be a courier (but that was years ago on a 125 honda cg arrrrrghh!). I have to buy secondhand so any good advice with regards to purchasing a second hand bike would be much appreciated.



Hi and welcome aboard.
You cant go wrong with a Gixer 600 as they are great bikes, the other bike id recommend would be the Honda CBR 600R as its a well balanced and great bike to ride once youve passed your test.
As long as the bike has full service history and you don`t buy it from someone dodgy it should be fine.

^^^^^^^^^^^ wot he said :slight_smile:

think you cant go wrong with most 600s nowadays

I know this won’t be the most popular answer and people think they’re boring, but a cbf600s. it’s easy to ride, so good for my daily commute and i’ve not gone piling into a hedge, as i may have done had i bought some pocket rocket straight away. they’re not too expensive either. yes, i constantly wish i had a fireblade or could turn heads on some racing-red ducati, but a mate of mine got it up to 110 mph on the weekend without really trying. he reckons it’ll do 120-130 easily, and who needs to be caught speeding at much more than that?

:smiley: Have a look at the Triumph Street Triple as well. A cracking good bike, and different to boot. It will do all you ask and handles really well. One of the best “600” class bikes out there.

Thanks for the advice guys. Is there any signs (no I don’t mean read signs!!!) I should be looking for when buying a second hand bike. Also what is the lowest reg you would go for?

i know nothing about bike mechanics so i’ve always bought from a dealer i trust (hargate in mitcham). that way it comes with a three-month warrenty. of course you’ll pay more for the bike, but at least you have some comeback if it goes wrong.

Firstly, if you don’t know too much about bikes, take a mate who does.Important for private sales, but equally so if buying from a dealer - they’re not all honest, you know :wink:

Don’t get hung up on mileage - condition is much more important.You can have two bikes , same year, one with 5k miles and one with 20k.If the 5k one is tatty, or missing servicing and the 20k is tidy with a good history (or lots of receipts to show regular home servicing) then it makes sense to walk away from the low mileage one.

Check things like tyres, chain, brake pads etc - if they’re worn they may need replacing soon and you should factor that into your negotiations.Also research servicing - if it’s done 15k and is coming up to a 16k valve service, then that will also be a factor you can use to barter on.

TBH, you can’t go far wrong with any of the recent sports 600s, so it’s all down to personal preference.

Thanks Gurninman I’ll bear this in mind. Very helpful.I agree with Alistair maybe it’s better to got to a dealer instead. I have not got a clue when it comes to bike, but I suppose it is easy to pick some basic maintenance skill?

Can’t wait to start riding…even I’m starting in the wet months. Are any of you guys “All year round” riders. This is what I intend to do. Really don’t like driving anymore except for shopping etc.

I passed my DAS in January with no previous experince and opted for an '01 CBR600F4i and have ridden her daily, 12k miles so far and not missed a beat, handles beautifully, coped well with a track day, 145mph with 2krpm left to go, bullet proof, rain or shine.

If you are thinking of a sports 600 you cant go wrong with one of these and the legendary Honda build quality. They will outlast most other bikes.

But that is just my twopence worth.

Yeah, I’m an all-year-rounder… don’t have a car licence (although that is about to change - promised myself to do it before I’m 40, so needs to be before august next year)I manage 15 to 20k a year, and have done since I was 16 :)Maintenance is easy - just learn as you go along.

CBR 600 F gets my vote or a Yamaha Thundercat.

Both less desirable to thieving bastids too…err…Whatever that’s worth as they seem to steal anything nowadays :rolleyes:

Thanks again guys…here’s a question. I’m 5’11 and 100kg. Would this bear any significance as to what bike I should ride? I was told that, maybe a ninja would to small for me, and that I should consider a Suzuki gsx 600 because they tend to be more suitable for growing lads! Sorry for the newbie question.

once again… CBR600F… Nice bike… won’t get bored with it once you start to get more experience… Alternatives… Yamaha Fazer??? either model… The old one had the Thundercat engine… the new one the R6(detuned) engine… Nice bikes plenty quick enough. and revvy like a sportsbike…