Passed my DAS.....yay!

woohoo! took my bike test yesterday and passed! managed to escape with 4 minors which included a dab on the u-turn (oops) but no major catastrophy!

Test riding the street triple on Saturday. Bring it on!


Well done, congrats, i passed but with 7 minors. welcome to lb.:slight_smile:

Congratulations on passing your test.

Street Triple is a cracking bike, so much so, you’ll do well to get hold of one before Xmas.

currently a 9 month waiting list :crying:

but I have been on the waiting list for 7 weeks so only another 7 months to go!

Congrats :smiley:

Well done, get in there !
Wicked feeling innit ! :smiley:

Well done! What a great feeling it is. :slight_smile:

Why not get a Speed Triple instead? You can have one of those in a week!! :w00t:

well hello and done


Don’t know the feeling yet, still on L’s! :frowning:

Well done on the test, hope you enjoy the new bike when you get it


Well done you:D

Very well done

Well done.

well done!!! :smiley:

well done! such a great feeling when ya pass :smiley:

Well done :smiley:

Now the addiction begins :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulation for passing your test!!!

Let the dream world begin, biking, its all in the mind and in the BHP.


Wel done and congratulations. I still remember that war fuzzy feeling and then the sheer terror of actually being let loose on my tod and everything being out to get me!

Good luck and be sensible! :slight_smile:

I dont remember how i felt it was so long ago and the test was so easy compared to now, BUT I’m sure you feel GREAT! A warm welcome to LB and hope to ride with you one day:D