passed my car theory test

passed my car theory test last week

i have my car test on 18th december

Good effort and good luck :wink:

Well done… and good luck for the practical… fingers crossed! :smiley:

well done from us!(h as well) and good luck on the practical!:smiley:

cheers guys i must say im glad i have my full bike licence i just need a car for the winter i will still be riding my bike i hate driving a car my bike riding will always come 1st

Awww well done you:D

Yeah I was the same. Been riding for 7 years only had my car for 3 years.

is the driving test hard i have no idear what to expect im doing lessons and intense lessons b4 the test which will be in aylesbury

Congratulations mate…I’ll be doing mine in a couple of weeks.

Congratulations !
I’ve got my car test in a couple of weeks, but didn’t have to do a theory test because I have had a bike licence since 1988.
Thought I ought to get a car licence before I’m 40…

ive been learning to park in my gf car at work in the carpark ive got it perfect now hopefully i will do well on the road and pass my instructor seems realy helpfull i hope the exsaminor isnt an asshole that hates bikers i hope he is a londonbiker him self we will see good luck to u other guys that also have your test i onley want a car for the shi tty weather i will always have a bike aswell nether give bikes up:D

Well done on passing the theory - good luck with the practical

Well done!

You’ll be fine on your practical test - self-cancelling indicators, no putting feet down on u-turns, you’ll be checking your mirrors religiously anyway… piece of cake! :slight_smile:

cheers for your support guys and girls

Got my practical test on wednesday and am actually getting a bit nervous now.Although I could drive, I wasn’t confident on 4 wheels and had a lot of bad habits.Luckily, a mate of mine has recently passed his ADI exams, so I’m getting a 3 hour lesson a week for nowt.
Hopefully it’ll all be problem free on the day and I’ll be driving a car on me own for Christmas.

that is the sort of friend u want ive just paid 220pund for 10 lessons good luck on wed mate let us know how u get on

Dave ,

congrats buddy - Aylesbury is a peice of pi55 to take your test in mate - dod both my bike test and my car test ( although that was quite a while ago ) in Aylesbury - No hills starts for you dude but expect plenty of 3 point turns and reversing around corners . Make sure you go over there for a bit of practice if you can as the gyrotary system ( as you turn left outta the test centre and the roundabout over the other side of town ( where the Hen and Chickens pub / Big Hand Mo’s used to be ) can be a right b4st4rd !!

Good luck dude :wink:

Well… thanks for the luck, I passed about an hour ago :slight_smile:
The examiner was a biker, too, and was very chatty all the way round - really helped me relax.
Good luck for the 18th, I’ll be keeping me fingers crossed for you.

Well done, fella! :slight_smile:

For the first time in my working life (25 years) I’ll be driving to work tomorrow.