Passed Mod2 at last

Woohoo!!! So happy I passed my Mod2 today:)! It took me a while, and loads of failed attempts and I almost gave up, but got there in the end. Thanks all for your support and special thanks to Terry at Motorcycle Training London.

Well done Lstar! Keep it up! Congratulations!

Congrats Lstar :slight_smile:

Well done:)

Bet your soooooo happy

well done

Well done LStar!!! New bike?

Way to go!

Nice one Lstar!!

Nice one

Hey thanks everyone. I was still grinning waking up this morning. Took the L plates off today - such a nice feeling :slight_smile:
@ chika: bike shopping starts next week!

I’m looking for something not too big (I’m 5’5), with a bit of fairings. So far I’m thinking Yamaha xj6, kawa er6f, cbr500.
But if you have some suggestions please let me know. Could also try Fazer600?


Have a look at an sv650 as well.

Congrats again on the pass!

Thanks PJ :slight_smile: where are my stickers?

Hadn’t thought of SV650, I’m just going to have to try them all and see which one’s best for me.

Cheers Ollie:D

ER6F Is a nice bike worth taking a look at too
Ask Ally, I think she’s actually having some sort of love affair with her’s :laugh:

And I just noticed SimonInEssex is selling one!

Awesome, congratulations!! :slight_smile:

Well done, know the feeling

He’s right, if you could marry a bike, I’d marry Kermit!! I love him :kiss: :smiley:

Many congratulations on your pass, you so deserve it - you have shown grit, determination and resilience. Way to go Laurence. Try to come on my Essex ride if you can - it’s for people just like you. If you find the London Eye, I can lead you to the cafe.

well done!!! that is fantastic news I bet you have not stopped grinning yet :slight_smile:

I’m looking at bikes at the moment. Test riding the er6n tomorrow.
I’m looking at the XJ6 as well. Do I need ABS?
Planning to check out the Honda car 500, but it’s quite underpowered compared to the other two. Any dealers you would recommend? Haven’t decided whether to buy new or second hand