Passed Mod 2 first time, thank you Motorcycle Training London!

Woohoo, passed Mod 1 (a few weeks ago) and Mod 2 (today!) first time thanks to these guys.

Did the majority of my training with Lewis who was brilliant and rode to my Mod 2 this morning with Terry who got me through it.

I’m so excited, I know I never would have passed if I hadn’t trained with these guys!

Well done you :slight_smile:

:w00t: well done you!!!

Congratulations, So when is the new Bike arriving???

Well done…bike shopping now:)

Sam she can come out with us tomorrow!!! loooooooooooooooool

You mean Saturday :slight_smile:

Told you so :-). Well done!

yeah thats what i mean

Brilliant! Well done you!

Well done! Which bike you are getting?

Well done :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

I don’t know yet, I am leaning towards an SV650s but I need to go test ride one first, probably Saturday, just want to find one and get it already, officially sick of little yeebs! (ybr’s nickname :P).

Stupid question, when I go into a shop to test ride, do they just need to see my mod 2 pass and paper licence? As I’ve handed over my learner licence to the DSA to update to a full licence.

Nice one, well done!! :w00t:

Yep now its on to bike shopping I bet you can’t wait to get on a proper bike!!

I recommend the SV650 and SV650S 2003 onwards.
Both me and MetalRedCarrie ride them as our commuter bikes.
I have a SV650 K8 and MetalRed a SV650S K8. pic here
And they’re not just commuters they can be serious fun too, I’ve taken mine to the IOM TT.
A new SV650S is still under £5000 ! (just change the crap standard tyres)
You can’t get the SV650 new anymore, the new one is the SFV650 Gladius also £5000 but it’s heavier! it has better standard tyres though.


I’m going to be looking at a budget of 2k ish - anything in particular I should be looking out for as warning signs? Also is the handling of the naked straight bar SV much different to the Sports version do you know?

Congrats :slight_smile: Message me if you need any input :slight_smile:

If fuel efficiency is important, make sure you get SV with twin spark plug, I believe they started making them from 2007.