Party Party - 1983 uk comedy

Someone on another forum asked me to post a clip of this film onto YT, so I posted a compilation instead. If any of you remember this film have a look, some of the lines were priceless. Most of the actors were unknown at the time but became famous later on.

Two of my mates from school were in this… Tony Longhurst and Jimmy Osbourne. Very funny film as I remember :smiley:

I’ve got it on DVD… I love the old classics! I’ve also got Quadrophenia & Rita, Sue and Bob too hahahahahaha

All filmed around Willesden Green

had to buy this film after seeing youtube clip , when i saw that film first time i was riding a brand new Suzuki 200x5
jeans , DM,s and a bell helmet … i miss the 80,s:D

One of my most fav films, so many lines!

Top on - top off

When they see you in a fast flash moter, they’ll think your a fast flash fella

Mrs Dawkin, all curvy and swurvy

Does he work with horses? It smells like it


Wild stallion!