Parts stolen off my bike

I pulled a monster day at work yesterday, parked up my bike up at 6am in the usual spot and finally returned to it at 9.15pm.

Walked up to the bike and went through the usual routine… took of the almax, removed the alarmed disk lock, inserted the key into the ignition, and…wtf!!!

First thing I notice is the end of a bunch of severed wires looking at me. the clutch, and all the leccy’s to the lights, indicators, horns, etc. severed. The left hand mirror and clutch lever are missing, They are all part of the same assembly which is attached to the handle bar, so who knows which part they were after.

Anyway, had to get the bike recovered and stored overnight. Today it is heading off to a dealer to get the repairs estimated. Looks like pubic transport to work for me the next week or so.


******* hell thats awful!!! omg. i hope with all this dodgyness going on that we are not in a new trend of these things…

Cheeky fuggers… Ive had that happen to me a few times, not to the extent where i need it recovered, just simple things like bash plates and indicators.

bad luck LOKI…hope karma gives the wan*er/s what they deserve.

Where do you park? is it secluded or a high traffic area?..I sometimes leave my bike near a mainline station over night when I go out of town for work and so would be a perfect candidate for a similar crime…

bet I know who did that…

such s**ts man feel for you mate really do.

Yeah, park on a bit of a back street. Been parking in the same bay for a few years now without any problems. Other bikes have been nicked or had bits stolen from them, in the same bay. Guess it was my turn.

Might need to rethink where I park.

sorry to hear this mate! guess the almax ment they couldnt nick the whole bike!

Thats really bad news sorry to hear about that! Could it have been knocked over?

Anyway hope you get it fixed, there are security screws out there, you could use these to lock the parts you want to keep. :stuck_out_tongue:

just googled this one…

Especially as it is chained to Arthur

Think they might steal it bit by bit.

I reckon it was a jewellery shop ram raider who needed new parts for his stolen KTM before doing the next job.

feel for you man.

I was under the impression this man was a woman :wink:

I could be wrong :smiley:

those security bolts look interesting…

That really sucks! I bet that clutch MC is going to be expensive. Probably why they nicked it, they’re used on loads of different bikes and apparently the seals tend to pop after a while, so there’s probably a good demand for them second hand.

Did you contac the police? I assume they weren’t interested in looking for fingerprints on the bike?

That area is notorious for KTM thefts. There’s a guy on the SD forum who keeps seeing his old (stolen) 990SM (without numberplate) being riden around in the area. You’d think they catch the f0ckers at some point.

i rekon…your prob spot on there, seeign as thats the area they nick most of thier bikes from…good news is they nicked 3 of em the other day:D

love to set up a bait bike and catch them

Bad news m8, hope you get it sorted soon.
Dave parked his bike in the, semi secure, car park at the back of his parents place in Newbury and left it over night while he brought the kids back here on the train…this was before he passed his car test. I say the car park is semi secure, because its out of sight of the street and has a gate that is shut at night. When he got back to it on the Sunday he noticed someone had removed his front calipers and cut the brake lines to get them off. He called recovery but they were going to be about 5-6 hours (it was already 6pm) and his parents weren’t home, so he took the risk of riding home and just using the back brake. He said he took his time and made sure he left plenty of room…not an ideal ride home.

The Police do this from time to time but human rights people claim they’re baiting people and abusing their rights! Personally, I think if you’re prepared to take the risk of breaking into a car and either stealing it or from it, likewise stealing a bike or the parts from it, then you’ve lost your human rights.

Really sorry to hear about the twats stealing stuff off your bike… hopefully you can get it running quickly and cheaply! :slight_smile:

But as always there is always a worse scenario… This is my particular favourite from another forum in Greece:

This is what one owner came back to after leaving his bike for an afternoon

Sorry posted the link because the image is huge and stretched everything…

:blink: What a nutter!

Sorry to hear about this matey… How desperate are these little sh*ts these days?! I know you park close to me, so I guess I better keep an eye out. Mind you, I check the bike every time I have a fag outside the office. Just goes to show that I’m not that paranoid :smiley: