Parts Help!

Hi Guys,

A plea for help… I was involved in a hit and run, and my new Z1000 (had it 3 weeks) is a write off.

As I didn’t get the other guys details, I have no insurance claim. I Have been quoted over £4,000 in parts, so if anyone has anything they can assist with, let me know and I’ll pay what I can… Any donations greatly appritiated.

The list I need is too great to list, but if its on the front or left side of the bike, chances are I need it replaced.

Please PM me if you can help.



Can’t offer you any parts, but do send my sympathies. Hope YOU’RE ok. I know your bike is a big heartache but as long as you’re physically ok that’s the most important thing. Good luck on your parts hunt.

No insurance claim? Is there nothing you can do through the MIB?

Sorry to hear about your off dude! Hope you get this sorted out!

Sorry to hear it Mate wish i could help you but i have a honda you could do a look at breakers etc

I think MIB is for personnal injury only. Your best bet is breakers. sorted me out a couple of months ago within 24hrs of posting. If you do a search for a couple of the main parts you need and then contact the breakers that get back to you with the whole list as they may well have the rest of the bike in their yard. Good luck and my sympathies.

I was in a hit and run a few years back and even though I got the details of the car the police were useless. If they do a runner chances are the car is either stolen, un-registered etc etc so they can prove v hard to track down.

Sorry to hear about your off GoF don’t know if you have read my post but I rebuilt my baby for £100 more than my insurance excess with the help of a few good friends in bike shops and eBay

…eBay is the key.

How are you I know the bikes broken but are you still whole

Thanks for the kind words guys…

I didn’t break anything, just bumps and bruises and doesn’t appear to be any muscle damage. I was two days bed bound but fighting fit and back to work now.

Just feel a bit sick that I only had the bike 3 weeks and its dead… but with some hard ebay action I am sure I’ll be up and running again soon.

Thanks again

MIB is not just for PI accidents. You’ve got nothing to lose by contacting them…

GoF, pm sent.