Partners insurance due to expire midnight the night before Mod 2 - Advice?

I would SORN the bike for the day and catch the bus to the testing centre.

If you need to store the bike somewhere then I have room here, but you’ll need to get it to Oxford.

Nothing will happen in one day if it’s uninsured and parked on private property. Just don’t ride it. I kept mine for a week at least before I sold it and no letters received. If you don’t insure after receiving a letter from DVLA, then you will get a fine.

Surely if you SORN a vehicle the tax will be automatically cancelled (and the remaining months refunded).  Although at £17 (less refunded amount) it would still work out cheaper than the insurer’s £40 fee.

The easiest thing to do is what I said
Then once you no what direction to take ,take it
By the time the computers in various depetaments flag up something you will have sorted it
Use the KISS method it’s works

If he gets caught riding with no insurance
His bike will get seized
He may incurr 6 points which if he is a new licence holder may render his licence void
Plus a fine
Also on top of that the recovery fees and storage costs on top of then having to produce a valid insurance policy for that vehicle to get it out of the pound .
Get the bus and wait a few days

Or Most new policies have a 7 day cooling off period so see what the cheapest you can get is with the minimum of administrative fees and try before you buy

Struth… just renew it as is. If/when he upgrades his licence/bike upgrade the policy - simples

Struth.... just renew it as is. If/when he upgrades his licence/bike upgrade the policy - simples National Treasure
Yeah I know, I'm just trying to avoid £80 in fees for two changes. I think just gonna renew it with a provisional licence and then when he gets a new bike add the full licence then. I suppose having the wrong licence listed on the statement of fact could void the insurance if he's in a crash or something but I don't think I updated my policy when I got my full licence, I waited until I got the new bike.

Anyways, thanks for everyone’s input and advice, much appreciated.