Parting a grommit

and no I’m not talking about Walace’s mate

I want to have a crack at installing my new Horn, however I know the fairings will be a pain in the ass again…

So the bottom 2 grommits which hold the fairings together would not come apart last time, rather than wreck it I left it and put it all back together again.

any suggestions on how I can get them apart without breaking the fairings?

i know this sounds like a crap idea, you have a faired SV650 right ? pretty sure there might be a tutorial or some videos on the sv forum? 

I do mate yes, I didn’t actually think to have a look at that so will see what I can find.

While you are there start a new post about fitting LED indicators.

You could take a video of you doing this and upload it to Youtube.

Some generally have a pin in the centre that you push out from inside to outside then you remove the remaining retainer section or some the centre are threaded and screw out