Part worns

Anyone know where I can get some part worn sporty road tyres (apart from ebay) for my road trip to Spain & France.

They need to have some tread for rain, but only need about 3000 miles left on 'em as the tyres will be changed again when I return.

What sizes etc are you after?

Best place to go - club racing meet and you should pick up a set for not a lot of money.

only about 3000 miles need to be left on it…

That’l be a new tyre then on the back of an R1.

Or as chuffster said…

Get yourself down to a club race meet and you are likely to pick up a set of Racetecs or similar for about £50/60 quid a pair, mind you they wont be very good in wet conditions

Not sure a racetec would be good for 3000 miles pretty much straight line though?!

race rubber wouldn’t be any good for european touring, they wouldnt’ stay hot enough, esp in the rain

your diablo’s would have been ideal for motorway pounding

shame you decided the rear was only good for burnouts

No mate…That’s mostly riding miles on that rear…You know, when you start the bike go for a blast along some twisty country roads, not just a ride into town slooooowly for photo opps…No wonder your tyres have lasted so long

Cheers Chuffster…

Will go down the ebay route.

ah so you were just giving the big one when you said you were doing burnouts to finish off the rear tyre then, i getcha

photo opps?

Oooh JB…Stop talking dirty

Try FWR…

Theyre pretty good. Reason being is the tyres are quite cheap the fit them free… So you can get cheap tyres from anywhere but then you gotta pay £20 a wheel to have them fitted…

Reckon you should just stop doing the rolling burnouts anyway af… No good for the bike…


p.s. Ive got a pirelli super corsa front if you want it, you can have it for £10 plenty of tread left. Just get your hands on a rear.

As it turns out, I have a Supercorsa 190/55 rear in my garage… I won’t be using it on the 750.

How much mate?

AfroR1, you thinking of getting 3000miles out of a supercorsa? I’ve put it on other topics about how a mate was taken for a ride on the cost of a tyre out in Spain. IMO, get yourself a new tyre for the trip otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself when your down in Spain thinking about how Ducked the rear tyre is.

I’ve got a pic of a mates rear tyre (from an 05 ZX10R) that only just made it back from the trip. Only one small burnout and 3000odd miles and the rear was gone. From what I can pick out you ant going to be taking it easy so why not get some good shoes and hammer the duck out of them (or do as you like as we are all adults )

Get new ones before you go… I’ve had to buy new rubber in France… afraid it’s glass c0ck time abroad when it comes to tyre prices

No…No mate…I need a rear for a trip to France on Saturday. Gonna change the set before my trip to Spain to Mich PP 2CTs.

The rear is sliding a little (in the dry ) and I really want to change it cos I don’t feel that comfortable with it.

My bad I was thinking your going to travel to Spain and hammer around Spain on a “part worn”

A possible idea would be to get a complete rear wheel for your bike which you could switch over depending on what your doing. If you’re going to stunt hack on a hard compound tyre and if your goinig to play swap with the 2CT?

Anyway, have fun