Part Worn Tyres

Have Some Tyres Wanting To Get Rid Of Just A Few Fronts:All 120/70/17
Pirelli Corsa Dragon - 3mm Left
Pirelli Diablo - 2mm Left
Pirelli Diablo - 4mm Left
Pirelli Angel - 3mm Left
Michelin 2CT - Just Under 3mm Left
Michelin 2CT - 3mm Left
Bridgestone Battalax BT04F - Just Under 3mm Left
Dunlop Qualifier - 2mm Left
Maxxis SuperSport - 3mm Left



Bridgestone Battalax BT021R - 4mm Left

All 180/55/17

Bridgestone Battalax BT016R - 4mm Left
Bridgestone Battalax BT015 - 4mm Left
Bridgestone Battalax BT014 - 1.6mm Left
Bridgestone Battalax BT016R - 3mm Left
Bridgestone Battalax BT014 - 2mm Left
Pirelli Diablo - 1.6 Left
Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart - 3mm Left
Dunlop Sport Qualifer - 5mm

Message Me For Details

Can Be Collected Harrow NW London Or Possibly Post

Thanks Dan