Parliament Square

Just seen a FJR go down on Parliament Square. Stopped to assist and apparently there have been 7 bikes go down in the last two days. It would appear that the shell grip stuff they’re laying is getting ripped up by the buses and the lorries. The bike cop who arrived at the scene said that the council were sorting out a sweeper, but how many bikes have to go down before they consider it to be bad enough to at least put up warning signs or close the road?So take care around the square, if it is the lorries and buses ripping it up they’ll have to keep sweeping away.

The shell grip is utter crap. There was nothing wrong with the existing tarmac. I nearly lost the front end yesterday turning into Whitehall. They have totally buggered up the Square with this new surface. There’s also the stupid central bus lane and the changed priorities. Take care around there- I’ll be taking another route from now on to avoid it.

Thanks for the heads up. I normally go tearing around it with sparks flying of the center stand to the open mouths of cops and protesters alike :cool:

It is rather crap now. I’m having to change my route as the shell grip stuff has really messed things up. I now nip down Embankment and turn up just near the Tube station back towards Trafalgar Square.

so whens the next no to parking charges ride around parliament square?

i wanna watch, lol

What I find annoying is stopping at the lights… your feet just slip on bus diesel or that crap from the shell grip nearly dropped my bike three times.