Parking Woes

Hi everyone,

Relatively new rider and first post. Great forum.

Just a couple of q’s regarding parking in London as I’ve got 2x parking tickets in as many days by lambeth. One of which I’m disputing as was directly under a ‘motorcycles only’ sign, second one was in a normal pay and display in tulse hill while i popped into a shop for five minutes. With the latter I realise I’m wrong now, but it’s been fine there before and other pay and display car parks around the city. All a bit confusing. Another rider who saw the second ticket but was just walking by told me to always park on the pavement next to whichever building I was visiting and just make sure the number plate is obscured by the wall etc but this seems like a recipe for disaster. Should I just bring my cover around with me?




Different boroughs have different rules for bike parking. Generally Lambeth are one of the worst and only let you park in designated bays has the general rules for each borough

Good luck contesting with Lambeth

I just use these two apps for android:

Between them, mostly the first one, I can find free parking in the area.

Don’t obscure your number plate they will call the police to remove whatever obstacles are in the way (ie bike cover) and you will get a fine from them as well…

And I’m talking from personal experience!!