Parking ticket....

Hi all

Do traffic wardens HAVE to get a picture of the ticket on the car in order for it to be enforcable? Or is this just as backup in case of a dispute?

I got a ticket yesterday in the car, parked up for 70 seconds tops. He got a picture of the ticket attached to the windscreen, but that was a close up and didnt include my numberplate, so I could potentially wait until I get a letter through the post, deny having received the ticket, ask for evidence and then they will be unable to produce a pic with my numberplate on it.

That’s the last time I do anyone a f**king favour.

Parking tickets. I’d rather eat broken glass and burn £65 quid than pay the same amount to Westminster f***ing council.

Cheers in advance!

no the picture is just evidence in case you dispute it…the fact of having your license plate details and tax disc is enough. is there any way to dispute it ? are marking clear, is signage correct ?

Over here in Northern Ireland they also photograph the car, where its parked and the nearest parking signage. When you go on line to pay the fine you can see all the pictures.

they take the picture next to your tax disc(which has a serial number)…which can then be traced back to your vehicle…unfortunately

doesn’t stop them from giving a legally parked vehicle a ticket!

“Yes sir… I know you have my details but please proof how I parked illegally.” :wink:

they wont cancell the ticket but you can take em to court which is when they backout and cancel it

I’ve won a couple from that. not my own btw. Our company drivers.

how do you know they only have the one picture …normal scenario is one side shot to include sign/bayfront & rear shot and then the tax disk shot

I was running back to the car as he approached it. I said “Hang on, I’m going now” and he said “It’s been issued” and only managed to get the one pic (of the ticket on any random windscreen, as it doesnt include the plate) as I drove off.

I know a lot of people hate traffic wardens, but I try not to resent them because a job is a job…but this one wasn’t a “nice” traffic warden about the whole thing. He was a ninja warden… He pretty much must have ran at the car entering the details.


most wardens i work with take photos before issuing the ticket apart from ticket affixed one …

They can serve a PCN in the post if you prevented them from serving it, which you did by driving away. Wait and see if you get a PCN served in the post, ask for pics and see what evidence they have. Then take it from there.

The law changed at the beginning of last year I think. Which allowed them to persue a PNC even if it was not actually attached to car/bike. I got off one where there was just a pic of the bike on the pavement but no ticket stuck on it. The adjudicator did not believe the lying warden who said he had issued the ticket.
Got off on grounds that the warden did not give me the opportunity to pay the PNC which had not been attached. If you follow me, as I was actually guilty of parking on the pavement - bang to rights. The other thing is that the book Parking Wardens have to fill with in the details is a legal document. Just like a form for a mortgage or loan etc which if you deliberately fill in incorrect stuff then you can be done for making a fraudulent claim on a legal document. How many Wardens have been prosecuted for this?
I did a Freedom of Information request on the Warden in this case and asked what percentage of his tickets were cancelled or adjudicated against. 40% was the answer. The adjudicator said that was nothing, in his experience some boroughs wardens had failure rates of more than 60%. If I was an employer and my employee was f***king up to that extent and only doing their job at 40% I would fire them. But the voodoo economics of parking tickets is another milkcow.