Parking Ticket !

Just a small question i have been parking my bike on the pavement outside my works yard as only place i found to chain it to a lampost.I have been covering the plate with a plastic bag as i thought it was illegal for a warden to remove it.But on saturday a warden removed it and gave me a ticket is it possible for me to appeal or have i got this all wrong ?:slight_smile:


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where you parking? most restrictions end on fridays except westminster.

Might want to check with your work, and although this isn’t fool proof as the recent case of the Doctor shows, sometimes businesses own a section of the road infront of their premises.

they can get the plate no from tax disc and i take it from the fact you covered your plate you knew that you should not be parked their … possible ticket as obstructing pavment …


no reason for you not to pay so why appeal ?

law changed recently so they could remove it, I got a ticket once for doing that… They called the police to remove the obstruction of which I had to pay them for that as well. so I ended up with a £100 bill… I learnt my lesson that is for sure.

As Blade said they have the power to move any coverings. It used to be case a traffic warden couldn’t but they changed the by laws.

Where there any restrictions on the road ie yellow markings, or any signs on the lampposts?

Whatever the time and day it is illegal to park on the pavement in London unless there is a barrier that marks the area out from the public pavement such as a wall, fence, hedge, chain, line of posts etc. This includes alleyways off the road used by the public. Outside London the law is different.

Making the guess that this happened in London, it is illegal to park your bike on the pavement in London. Doesn’t need any yellows or anything else. Used to be only if it was causing an obstruction but now they just out and out made it illegal to park on the pavement.

As far as I know this is peculiar to London and doesn’t apply outside London, so you might want to check where your work is. (I only guessed London because this is after all London Bikers) Edit 2 add: Giuliano beat me to the punch, teach me to spend five minutes posting.

The Sleeper beat me to it as well. :slight_smile:

if the area is private property the area does not need to be fenced off from the pavement to be able to park there. Once you can show that it is not a normal right of way you can get off…and yes I have sucessfully appealed

Private property is irrelevant. Most streets you walk and drive down are actually on land owned by the developers of the property etc. Local authority responsibility for the maintenance of public roads has nothing to do with who owns the land the road of pavement is on. The normal legal definition of footway for pavement parking purposes is “any part of an urban road over which the public have right of access on foot and includes private land, crossovers and pavement lights etc unless a physical barrier prevents access”.

ammmmmmmm…ok and I have sucessfully appealed twice.It is how the private land is situated that is important. If its part of the pavement that people walk across then yes you will get a ticket if it is set back then you are unlikely to get a ticket and if you do will probably get off on appeal ( as I did) and this is with Camden council and we know what they are like

At My office our private car park encompases part of the pavement , but there is a huge sign saying something about a suspension to the road traffic act on the wall , leagally alowing us to use it as such.

If it is set back it is a bit touch and go if there is no other barrier, but once they have accepted it is not part of the public footway I guess you have good grounds for appealing each subsequent ticket! :slight_smile: