Parking on pumps

ohh i will be a lady and not swear but why oh why do F***ing (sorry i lied) idiots feel the need to park on petrol pumps and go do their weekly shopping in the ever increasing refueling stations turning into mini supermarkets.

I often go to Lincolnshire where there is this fantastic refueling station that is unmanned, you put your card in you fill up absolutely fantastic.

I am fed up waiting 15 mins for a petrol pump while some twat does their weekly shop !!! grrrr

To True…

Fooking hate that !!

Am I a nutta and is it just me that moves his Bike after filling up and makes sure someone else can get on the pump while I pay !!!

well i wouldn’t go as far as calling you a nutter but… !!!

I’ve taken to pull the bike up right in front of their car and filling up there - they get awfully jittery when they see you pulling a petrol hose over the car!


Great Idea Matt!

Yep, that’s what I do too. It’s amazing how far some of those hoses will reach.

I agree, Matt is on to something!!

I drive a car so i cant and dont pull in front of people. But it annoys me when I’ve just payed and im in the car starting it up and some stupid c*ck drives right up your arse thinking if they move forward another inch, you might move quicker.

I’ve even seen a guy in a car actually MOVE some blokes bike forward so he can get his car to the pump. The row following was quite a good one when the car driver realised the biker was actually a very tall, very hench scary looking bloke. Oh the giggles involved.

I Pulled in front of a car to get to the pump in front expecting matey in his cage waiting behind second car to pull in behind. He then drove around the car he was waiting behind, and parked against my leg, proceeded to jump out to berate me left car running and in gear which pushed me and my bike over. And then stood There shouting and abusing me Love some car drivers

I would’ve got the [etrol hose and doused the ****er and his car in petrol! That would’ve shut hime up

Oh Dear, I can’t be seen to condone violence but… I would of shoved that hose so far up his crack and then beaten the f*cker with a rather large pole.

Love it Mat

Should have had a petrol fight like in Zoolander just don’t light a fag after.

thats what i hatte people parking on pumps while doing their shopping espically when im delivering to the store and i have to squeeze between two cars, when i start to do that they soon come running out to move thier cars

i get bovverd with that so i get out my car and stand in front of them!!! they dont like it but it moves them on!!!

ben your a lad!!!

I had a flaming row with some stupid woman in a 4x4 at the Tesco station by Hammersmith Bridge, she had the whole trolley loaded up with shopping (about 6 bags) she just looked at me as if i was from another planet.

Grrrr makes my blood boil it does

Don’t really have much of a problem with people parking at the pumps but I am increasingly bovvered by petrol stations turning themselves into supermarkets. I can see the benefit in isolated areas but is there really any need in the middle of towns? It’s almost impossible to buy useful motoring stuff like oil, fuses, small repair items because the shelves are full of flippin dog food and bleach!!! I guess since fuel margins are so low and volumes are falling because the supermarkets now sell so much cheap fuel, the filling stations need another revenue stream to remain viable. Stoners stocking up on crisps just isn’t lucrative enough…

But to go back to the first post - I haven’t seen one of those pay-at-the pump jobbies for ages. They all seemed to disappear when chip-and-pin was being introduced (because they had no key-pads). They were great for bikers - none of the fuss over removing helmets, no waiting in line behind all those people buying their weekly groceries. I miss them and want them back!!!

I used the Tesco station on the A3 (by Shannon Corner)last week they have a pay at pump and i did not have to use pin number.

Pity petrol stations don’t have a couple of specific pumps just for the use of pay at pump, But that will NEVER happen as we the consumer will not get any of the incidentals if we do not pass the sweet counter etc… Deep sigh