Parking near guys hospital

Does anyone know if its free parking round the london bridge area or any bike bays nears the hospital as ive got an appointment in the morning.

erm…the hospital car park?:smiley:

its closed for just drop offs smartass

if your on a bike you can park in the car park, like all the other bikes do…go round the back to get to it, i used to drop off there as a courier…smartass:D

Now now boys behave :slight_smile:
I dont want to start bribing you all with cookies now do i?'s+Hospital&ll=51.503023,-0.087775&spn=0.000998,0.00284&t=h&z=19&iwloc=A

looks difrent now car parks bigger.

you cant park in the car park.

if you go past the car park (which would be on your right) then turn left follow that down to the end and you should see where they park motorbikes.

my m8 works there and rides in and thats where he parks, i park to the left cos there are some railings to chain too, although not frequent bikes do get nicked from there.

if you have any probs go into the patient transport bit ask for william and if you see him say your m8 of mine and he’ll show ya where to park.