Parking near Bolsover Road

Morning all.

I’ve got an appointment on Bolsover Road in a couple of weeks and I will need to take the bike there from Westminster as I will head home after.

Anyone know anywhere good to park nearby? Searched the forums but nothing recent. I know there is a Q-park near there.


There quite a few parking bays around there
I used to park on the one in Fitzroy street between Euston road and Warren Street

Don’t forget Westminster is pay-n-display.  It’s useful to have a account.

I might be wrong, as my navigations skill are bad.
But there is an infinity motorcycle store not too far away and they have a motorcycle bay outside. I remember walking that way to discover where Westminster uni is.
But as I said I’m rubbish at directions

Your right it’s down Portman street

Thanks guys. May have to go buy something!