Parking motorbike at Stanstead airport


Apparanetly there is free parking at Stansted airport for motorbikes. Has anyone used this before? Is it safe? I think I am going to have to do it as I come back late Monday night and no trains are running!! Although I haven’t worked out what to do with my helmet!



Any lockers at the airport?

Yes it is safe, just head for the short term car parks just below the front of the terminal, use the second or third entrance, B or C iirc, it is marked for bikes.

Due to the light and unobtrusive security around UK airports these days … you are unlikely to become Stanstead’s first bike theft victim.

There are no lockers as such, use the “Left Luggage” service, well signed inside, it is just posh lockers with a concierge, so, hopefully not too many bombs in them

Ryanair were letting people on with crash helmets as hand luggage last year, but I dont know about now, rules have changed.
Helmets are safe with Left Luggage there, 2 really nice helpfull guys

if you go just around the main terminal , there is a big bit of tarmac that has what could be construed as security lighting down the sides…well illuminated at night…think they call it the runway parking spaces.